Earth Systems Chapter 4

Earth Systems Chapter 4 - Chapter 4: Atmosphere & Surface...

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I. Energy essentials A. Energy pathways and principles: Transmission : the passage of long wave & shortwave energy through either atmosphere or water B. Insolation input: Scattering : deflection & redirection of Insolation by atmospheric gases, dust, ice, and water vapor ( sky is blue ) Diffuse radiation : the downward component of scattered incoming Insolation from clouds & the atmosphere Refraction : the bending effect on electromagnetic waves that occurs when Insolation enters the atmosphere or another medium Reflection : the portion of arriving Insolation that returned directly to space without being absorbed & converted into heat & without performing any work Albedo : quantifies the reflectivity of a surface -a surface with high Albedo reflects a lot of radiation relative to how much it received -average Albedo of Earth : 31% Cloud- Albedo forcing : increase in Albedo caused by clouds Cloud-Greenhouse forcing : increase in greenhouse warming caused by clouds Absorption : the assimilation of radiation by molecules of matter & its conversion from one form of energy to another -the hotter the surface, the shorter the wavelengths that are emitted Earth transfer in Earth systems: Conduction : (gases, liquids, solids) -Molecule to molecule transfer -As molecules heat up they vibrate & produce motion (heat) in neighboring molecules -surface energy budget -soil temperatures -different materials have different conductivity
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Earth Systems Chapter 4 - Chapter 4: Atmosphere & Surface...

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