Earth systems Chapter 15

Earth systems Chapter 15 - Chapter 15: Eolian Processes and...

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Chapter 15: Eolian Processes and Arid Landscapes 1. Desertification the expansion of deserts worldwide, principally related to: poor agricultural practices improper soil-moisture management erosion and salinization, deforestation the ongoing climatic change I. The Work of Wind 1. Eolian (Aeolian) processes forces by wind action Compared to other geomorphologic agents (e.g. water, ice), wind has a relatively limited effect However, over sufficiently long times, the impacts are noticeable A. Eolian Erosion Wind typically cannot move more than small particles Wind erosion is not a major erosive force, although it creates distinct erosive patterns 1. Deflation removal and lifting of small particles Desert Pavement on arid landscapes, a surface formed when wind deflation and sheet flow remove smaller particles, leaving residual pebbles and gravels to concentrate at the surface, serves as a proactive layer against more erosion Blowout Depressions when deflation forms a basin in an area of loose sediment, ranging upto 100s of meters 2. Abrasion Nature’s version of sandblasting Sand grains transported with winds sculpts exposed rocks near the ground Elongated shapes reveals wind direction Ventifacts a piece of rock etched smoothed by Eolian erosion – that is, abrasion by windblown particles Yardangs a streamlined rock structure formed by deflation and abrasion, appears elongated and aligned with
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Earth systems Chapter 15 - Chapter 15: Eolian Processes and...

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