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Theater final exam notes - Final exam notes: A. Directing...

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Final exam notes: A. Directing What does a director do? A director’s role is defined not so much by what he or she does, but rather what he or she is responsible for. Responsibilities: 1. Casting 2. Interpreting Script 3. Portraying a vision Directors must be great communicators and speak the language of the producer. Audience will not see this. (Diagram) All arrows go from director – to someone (playwright/actor/producer/designer) and directly back to director. Everyone works under the director B. (Pyramid Diagram) – Steps to get to the “idea” Bottom step starts in a realm that is completely objective and moves upwards to become subjective 1st Step – Given circumstances (from the script) 2nd Step – Developing Action 3rd Step A mistake a director can make is to get an idea and go down the pyramid and force the idea into the givens. Exposition – Purpose is to provide background info (plot, characters, and setting) and build context. Blocking – When a director moves actors around stage. C. Joe Discher Associate artistic director for Shakespeare from Madison NJ Theater encourages us to use our imagination Actor rehears all that is said rehearsal re-hear everything Casting is part of the “artistic” side Artistic side means anything Shakespeare plays were written during the Elizabethan period written in earliest form of modern English words are more ornamental keeps language alive iambic pentameter : segment of poetry, 5 iams of 2 syllables (10 lines), unstressed followed by stressed syllable wrote to beat of the human heart that’s how you appreciate Shakespeare wrote his poetry to what drives us wrote his plays based on ordinary lives of humans Language has become compressed over the years Goodbye god be with you
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Humans have become efficient in disconnecting themselves from any form of contact D. Past dated policy: New York City theaters will exchange expired tickets if you call in the day you wish attend the play(MAJOR NYC shows, specific to each producer) (11/13/2011) Quote of the day: "I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being." Oscar Wilde 11/15/2011 Bill Bowers Grew up in Missoula, Montana College Montana’s Rocky mountain college , Graduate school earned MFA at Mason Gross Heard of mime at age 14 currently a mime performer in NY been a mime for 35 yrs Performed in Broadway as Zazu in Lion King, the Leggett in Scarlet Pimpernel Became a writer trying to answers the question “why mime?” Pantomime (expressional performers via gestures) Mime only happens with a willing audience Mime is the original language and first performing arts Politicians used mimes as their visual aid that’s how mimes became popular
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Theater final exam notes - Final exam notes: A. Directing...

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