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Software and Hardware

Software and Hardware - -To be or not to be-Yes or No-True...

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Software and Hardware Software vs. Hardware: learned abilities vs. impossible to change A. Programming Jargon - Software : collective terms for programs - Hardware : Computer performs the operations directly with wires and transistors - Algorithm : Precise and systematic method for solving a problem - SCSI : small computer system interface - ROM : read only memory - RAM : random access memory: -volatile: when electricity goes off RAM clears out B. Digits and PandA - PandaA : name used for two fundamental patterns of digital information based on the “presence” and “absence” of a phenomenon - character : is in a set and is in form of numbers or symbols Order is in an important characteristic of symbolism If digits don’t matter than PandA can be represented as anything C. Binary System: one or the other
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Unformatted text preview: -To be or not to be -Yes or No-True and False (Logic) • Binary is always represented by four digits only using 1 and 0 • One Hex digit = four binary digits -ex: A =1010 D. ASCII: set of codes for readable characters • 1 ASCII digit 2 Hex digits 8 Binary digits (256 symbols) 1. Instruction Fetch 2. Instruction Decode : adds instruction 3. Data Fetch : corresponds to instruction 4. Instruction Execute : performs instructions 5. Result Return : result return E. Long term persistent Storage: 1. Hard disks-Mechanism -Speed-Capacity -long term persistent storage 2. Other storage (Archival Memory)-Magnetic tapes -CDs-read-write (burn)-DVDs-flash media (input and output) Layers of Software Bios: basic input out system Os: operating system-windows-mac-linex...
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Software and Hardware - -To be or not to be-Yes or No-True...

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