Sociology of family Chapter 2

Sociology of family Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 The History of...

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Chapter 2: The History of Family A. Origin of family and kinship Evolutionary Theory: infants need care Hunter-gatherers Settled agriculture Lineages : Form of kinship in which descent is traced - Patrilineage : Father’s line - Matrilineage : Mother’s line Kinship groups : -ensure order -defend against outsiders -provide labor -assist others in a group -recruit new members through marriage Western culture —smaller kinship groups - Conjugal family : Husband, wife and children - Extended family : Other relatives present in household We live in mostly a monogamous society - Polygyny: One man, many wives - Polyandry : One woman, more than one husband Family and kinship systems were developed to provide fundamental needs - Food production -Defense B. The American family before 1776 American Indian : indigenous people in the 48 territories that became U.S -Family unit based on lineages -Native American families exception -tribes, both matrilineal and patrilineal European Colonists : The Primacy of the Public Family -Families performed public services 1. Education 2. Hospitals 3. Houses of correction 4. Orphanages 5. Nursing homes 6. Poor houses -No room for privacy or private lives -family affairs are public business -houses were not designed for privacy -privacy hard to keep from other households -Conjugal family was still considered an integral part of family -Family diversity -Not all families fit the ideal of conjugal family African : forced to immigrate captured or bought in West Africa and sold as slaves
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Mexican Americans : came searching for land to graze -Social structure disrupted by wars, revolts, and land grabs -Many were forced into barrios : segregated Mexican-American neighborhoods in U.S.
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Sociology of family Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 The History of...

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