Sociology of family Chapter 3

Sociology of family Chapter 3 - among different groups of...

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Chapter 3: Gender & families I. The two spirit people Men and women that dressed and behaved as the opposite sex Develop characteristics as children Experiences in adolescent Could marry people of the same sex Sex: biological differences between a male and a female Chromosomes: xx(girl), xy(boy) Reproductive organs Only women lactate Hormones Gender: social & cultural characteristics Intersexual: no specific genitalia that determines a person’s gender Our society either female or male Every society is founded on the assumption of gender differences The meaning of gender varies from one culture to another The meaning of masculinity & femininity vary within any one culture over time The meaning of gender varies
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Unformatted text preview: among different groups of women and men within any culture and place Ex: older black gay man in Chicago vs. white young farm boy in Alabama 22 year old Asian American women in San Francisco vs. white Irish lesbian in Boston II. The gestational construction of gender • We assign gender after the sex is known • Some scientists believe that hormonal differences regulate behavior & thinking Men: testorum may tie with aggression Women: menstruation & menopause III. The childhood construction of gender A. Parental socialization B. The media C. Peer groups IV. The continual construction of Gender A. Doing gender B. Precarious gender differences V. Gender & male domination A. Gender, Class, and Race VI. Men & masculinities VII. The contributions of gender studies...
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Sociology of family Chapter 3 - among different groups of...

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