Project 1 Case - Acc 321 Project 1 Winter 2011 Sergeant...

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Acc 321- Project 1 Winter 2011- Sergeant Theatrick Costume Supply Store: Purchasing Department Costs Theatrick Costume Supply Store (TCSS) operates a chain of ten retail stores which specialize in costume clothing. Because each store is in a different geographic region with presumably different customer desires, top management allows each store to be responsible for making their own purchasing decisions. Profits have been on the decline recently because of lower sales from the economic downturn. Theatrick is interested in examining costs to determine if there are areas where costs can be reduced. Anne Sergeant, CFO has charged Susie Student, an assistant to the CFO, with examining the costs of the Purchasing Department, and to make cost savings recommendations. To better understand the Purchasing Department costs and the drivers of those costs, Susie Student read retail cost journals and found an article titled "Cost Drivers in the Retail Industry." In this article, the number of purchase orders and number of suppliers were described as important cost
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Project 1 Case - Acc 321 Project 1 Winter 2011 Sergeant...

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