Marketing Plan Assignment, Winter 2011

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Outline and grading for the Marketing Plan Assignment This marketing plan assignment can be done as an individual or group project. Each individual or two member team will create a marketing plan for a new charter school, to be located somewhere in the Grand Rapids area. You select a target market and determine what is unique about your school. Your paper will be aimed at a group of investors to convince them to provide financing to help get your new charter school off the ground. The plan will feature a $25,000 promotion budget. Your success in developing a compelling marketing plan will go a long way in determining how much money you will raise, and what grade you or your group will receive. You are to have your team selected by Friday, February 25, and the Marketing Plan is due on Friday, April 15. Your Marketing Plan must include the following: I. An Executive Summary (20 points) – Briefly tell the name and location of your school, and why it is a good idea. Then discuss what you wish to accomplish with
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