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Bio2600: Introduction to Cell Biology name: Nov., 2006 Exam 3 Section 1: Complete each sentence with one of the two words found in square brackets [A. /B. ]. 1. [A. Covalent/B. Non-covalent] bonds are formed between the codon and anti-codon. 2. The “beads-on-a-string ” nucleosomes are further compacted into a [A. 30/B. 50] nm fiber. 3. If ACG is the anticodon, then the codon it recognizes is [A. UGC /B. CGU]. 4. Since microvilli at the tip of an epithelial cell can be retracted using myosin, their internal core most likely consists of [A. microfilaments/B. intermediate filaments]. 5. The paternal and mater nal copies of human chromosome 1 are considered [A. homologous/ B. non-homologous] chromosomes. 6. Once RNA polymerase II has been brought to the promoter DNA, it must be released from the complex by the factor called [a. TFIID/B. TFIIH] which has kinase activity. 7. [A. Heterochromatin/B. Euchromatin] is an area of a chromosome more accessible to transcription machinery. 8. DNA polymerase adds nucleotides to the [A. 5'-phosphate/B. 3'-OH] group of the growing strand. 9. The enzyme Primase can polymerize [A. ribon ucleotides/ B. deoxy ribon ucleotides] to create the small primer used by DNA polymerase. 10. In order to form nucleosomes, the negative charge of the phosphate-sugar backbone is partially shielded by the high proportio n of [A. acidic/B. basic] amino acids present in histone proteins. 11. Movement of flagella d epends primarily on the activity of a motor protein from the [A. dynein/B. kinesin] family. 12. Microinjection into a cell of an activated form of Cdc42 causes [A. protrusion of long filopodia/B. formation of an extensive lamillipodia]. 13. [A. Depurination/B. Deamination] is a common type of DNA damage that, if not repaired, can lead to the loss of a nucleotide and possibly a shift in the reading frame. 14. Microtubules are stabilized by the drug [A. taxol/ B. cholchicine]. 15. Many bacterial promote rs contain a region known as a(n) [A. operator/B. promoter] to which a specific gene regulatory protein (not sigma) binds. Page 1, v3
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Section II: Multiple Choice. Select the one best response based on your knowledge of Cell Biology. 16. The diagram below depicts a generic gene as used in class. Start and stop codons are depicted by inverted arrows. The 'X' marks indicates where poly(adenylation) begins, and the small circle represents the location of the TATA box. Based on this structure, the length of the primary RNA transcript is best represented by the line labeled X A B C D E A. A B. B C. C D. D E. E 17. Assuming there was an AUG upstream of the sequence shown below, and that this sequence resides within the middle of a 100 amino acid protein, translation of the correct reading would yield the amino acid sequence: 5' - GGCUACUAGCCUAUAA AUGCC - 3' A. Ala, Thr, Ser, Leu, Met, B. Ala, Thr, Ser, Leu, Tyr, Met, C. Gly, Tyr, Ile, Ile, Asn, Ala D. Leu, Leu, Ala, Tyr, Lys, Cys E. Gly, Tyr, Pro, Ile, Asn, Ala 18.
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Exam3v3Answerkey - Bio2600 Introduction to Cell Biology Nov...

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