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Bio2600: Introduction to Cell Biology name: Dec., 2005 Final Exam -- 75 Questions Section 1: Complete each sentence using one of the words or phrases found in the square brackets [A. /B. ]. 1. In eukaryotic cells, n early all cell membrane is initially formed in the [A. Endoplasmic Reticulum/B. Golgi]. 2. [A. Yes/B. No] Is the plasma membrane of a cell with hundreds of transmembrane proteins anchored to the cytoskeleton still fluid? 3. The deletion of a single base in the protein coding region of a gene [A. is more /B. is less] likely to alter the structure of the gene's protein than the substitution of one base for another. 4. Of the two kinds of ce ll death, [A. necrosis/B. apoptosis] is an important part of normal developmental processes. 5. New plasma membrane re aches the cell surface by the [A. regulated/B. constitutive] exocytotic pathway. 6. The process that generates CO 2 while removing hydrogen atoms from organic compounds is called [A. the citric acid cycle/B. glycolysis]. 7. A cell just finishing cytokinesis enters a phase called [A. G1/B. G2]. 8. In the plasma membrane, phospholipid molecules are organized into a bilayer such that the [A. polar/B. nonpolar) regions are at the membrane surface. 9. During mitosis [A. kin etochore/B. aster] microtubules establish contact with and help separate chromosomes. 10. In double-stranded DNA helix, a (A. thymine/B. guanine) nucleotide always base-pairs with adenine. 11. [A. True/ B. False] When read in the 5' to 3' direction, the sequence of nucleotides in a newly synthesized DNA strand is the same as in the parental template strand. 12. The characteristic feature of Receptor tyrosine kinases is the presence of [A. a kinase domain/B. a kinase binding domain] in the cytoplasmic region of the receptor. 13. An incoming aminoacyl- tRNA carrying the next amino acid in the chain will bind to the [A. P-site /B. A-site] by forming base pairs with the exposed codon in the mRNA. 14. The resting membrane p otential of any cell depends on the presence of [A. passive/B. voltage- gated] channels for selected ions (usually K+ or Na+). 15. [A. Covalent/B. Non-covalent] bonds are formed between the codon and anti-codon. Page 1, v1
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16. If one considers two different species of yeast that have similar genome size, it is more likely that these yeast strains will contain [A. a similar number of genes/ B. a similar number of chromosomes]. 17. Retroposons move within a genome using an [A. DNA/B. RNA] intermediate. 18. The majority of a cell's energy content is represented in the concentration of [A. pyruvate/ B. acetyl-CoA] in the cell. 19. During skeletal-muscle contraction, the distance between the Z lines of a sarcomere [A. increases/ B. decreases]. 20. In a moving cell, acti n is being actively polymerized [A. close to/B. further away from] the plasma membrane of the leading edge. 21. In the electron transport chain, a lipid soluble electron carrier called [A. ubiquinone/ B.
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FinalExam+Anskey - Bio2600 Introduction to Cell Biology...

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