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FinalExamv1 - Bio2600 Introduction to Cell Biology Dec 21...

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Bio2600: Introduction to Cell Biology Name: Dec. 21, 2004 - FINAL EXAM Section I: Choose one of the two responses found between square brackets [A. /B. ] that best completes each sentence. 1. In eucaryotic cells, t he assembly of the general transcription factors occurs at the DNA sequence called the [A. operator/B. TATA-box]. 2. A string of nucleosomes can coil up to form a (A. 50 nm/ B. 30 nm) chromatin fiber. 3. The most important con tribution of the citric acid cycle to energy metabolism is the extraction of high-energy electrons during the (A. oxidation/B. reduction) of acetyl CoA to CO 2 . 4. The characteristic feature of Receptor tyrosine kinases is the presence of [A. a kinase domain/ B. a kinase binding domain] in the cytoplasmic region of the receptor. 5. In the plasma membrane, phospholipid molecules are organized into a bilayer such that the [A. polar/B. nonpolar) regions are at the membrane surface. 6. Movement of flagella d epends primarily on the activity of a motor protein from the [A. dynein/B. kinesin] family. 7. Compared to CO 2 , water (H 2 O) will diffuse [A. more/B. less] quickly across a synthetic lipid bilayer. 8. Most cytochromes have a higher redox potential (higher affinity for electrons) than iron-sulfur centers, which is why the cytochromes tend to serve as electron carriers (A. near the O 2 end of the respiratory chain/B. further away from the O 2 end of the respiratory chain). 9. A FADH 2 molecule p roduces more energy when used in (A. the cytosol/ B. the mitochondria). 10. A cell just finishing cytokinesis enters a phase called [A. G1/B. G2]. 11. During import of a protein into the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), the signal sequence is removed using a proteolytic enzyme residing [A. in the lumen of the ER/B. on the cytosolic side of the ER]. 12. Of the two kinds of ce ll death, [A. necrosis/B. apoptosis] is an important part of normal developmental processes. 13. A typical start codon in an mRNA is [A. AUG/B. ATG]. 14. [A. Introns/ B. Exons] contain protein-coding information. 15. In a protein with a si ngle alpha-helix transmembrane domain, most of the amino acids in this region are [A. hydrophobic/B. hydrophilic]. 16. The proteins that function downstream of a G-protein coupled receptor are known as (A. monomeric/B. trimeric) GTPases. 17. [A. Heterochromatin/B. Euchromatin] is an area of a chromosome more accessible to transcription machinery. 18. During mitosis [A. kin etochore/B. aster] microtubules establish contact with and help separate chromosomes. 19. While both release energy, hydrolysis of [A. GTP/B. ATP] is most often associated with a step that regulates the function of the protein hydrolyzing the nucleotide. 20. For reproduction of an organism, it is more important that DNA repair mechanisms are operating correctly in [A. germ cells/B. somatic cells]. Page 1, v1
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Section II: Multiple Choice: Select the one best answer.
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