zouhtest3 - PHY2130 EXAM 3 April 6 2009 Name(print...

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- 1 - PHY2130 EXAM 3 April 6, 2009 Name (print):____________________, ____________________, ________________ Last (family) first (given) middle (if any) ID Number: _____________________________ Please circle your quiz section Time Instructor Quiz Sections CRN Instructor Room T 10:40AM 11:35AM 24020 Saperstein 185 PHY F 11:45AM - 12:40PM 24021 Bonvicini 28 Manoogian W 11:45AM - 12:40PM 24022 Bonvicini 24 Manoogian Th 10:40AM - 11:35AM 24023 Saperstein 185 PHY Instructions: 1) Print your name and ID number at the top. 2) Keep the cover of exam CLOSED until the exam has started! 3) Using a pencil, fill out the answer sheet boxes and bubbles with your name and identification number (include leading 0’s in ID number) before starting the exam (you do not need to include date of birth, grade, sex, etc.). 4) You will have 55 minutes to do the exam. 5) You will not get back your scantron sheet. You will get back the exam pages from your quiz instructor. The answers will be posted on the web. 6) You may use a calculator. Cellphones, PDAs, etc., cannot be used as calculator. 7) When you are finished with the exam, please bring your student ID, the answer sheet and the exam to the instructor. 8) You are NOT to use notes or books during the exam, or to communicate with another student, or to look at another student’s exam. Any violation can result in a grade of “zero” for this exam or a failing grade for this course. All questions carry 2 points each. Total points: 26. You need to get 25 points for full score. 1 point bonus.
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- 2 - 1. A mass on a spring has amplitude A. If A is halved , the total energy of the system is: A) doubled.
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zouhtest3 - PHY2130 EXAM 3 April 6 2009 Name(print...

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