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Free_Body_Diagram_recipe_v2 - Free Body Diagram Recipe...

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Free Body Diagram Recipe 1/Define preferred directions: 1 st the direction of motion and the direction perpendicular to it 2/Project the force s , on those two directions 3/ Apply Newton’s 2 nd law on each direction separately a) There is no motion in the di rection perpendicular to the direction of motion Therefore, the acceleration in that direction is zero and so the projection of the net force in that direction is zero too b) The pro jection of the net force in the direction of motion is a m . 4/ Using the information in 3/ in a) we can in extract one of the forces if the second is known and make use of it in expression b) F ollowing the comments of stud ents I have added below the demonstration that the angle between the weight w= m g and the direction of N equal the slope See example below : A skier of mass m is sliding down a ski slope at a constant velocity. The slope makes an a ngle of above the horizontal direction.
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