physics questions ch 6

physics questions ch 6 - Question 1 An open cart rolls...

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An open cart rolls along of frictionless axles while it is raining. As it rolls what happens to the speed of the car as the rain collects in it. C. Slows down An 18 wheeler and a Volkswagen beetle are rolling along with the same momentum. If you exert the same force to stop each one, for which is the stopping distance greater? B. Volkswagen beetle An object mass of 3.0 kg is allowed to fall from rest under the force of gravity for 3.4 seconds. What is the change in momentum? Ignore air resistance M=3.0kg t=3.4 P=Ft =mgt =3*9.81*3.4 =100kg/s direction down An astronaut is talking a spacewalk when his tether breaks. He has a big drill. How can he get back to the space ship? A ) Face away from the ship and throw the drill forward. A rifle has a mass of 4.5kg and it fires a bullet of 10.0 grams at a muzzle speed of 820 m/s. What is the recoil speed of the rifle as the bullet leaves the barrel. M m = 4.5 M b =10g Vb=820 Vr=? Pi=PB 0=M m Vr +MbVb Vr=10*10 -3 * 820 / 4.5 = 1.82 m/s 6f/s Example Particle A is at the origin and has a mass of 30.0 grams. Particle B has a mass of 10.0 grams. Where must particle B be located so that the center of mass is located at the point x .
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physics questions ch 6 - Question 1 An open cart rolls...

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