Syllabus-2130-CM_V1-Fall - PHY 2130 GENERAL PHYSICS Fall...

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Unformatted text preview: PHY 2130 GENERAL PHYSICS Fall 2009 Lecture Hours: Tuesday 6:00- 7.20 pm, Room 100, Lecturer Center This is a tentative of Syllabus which will be implemented further Text: PHYSICS by Giambattista, Richardson and Richardson, McGraw-Hill. For students taking both Physics 2130 & 2140, ISBN: For students taking only Physics 2130, ISBN: Both packages include Webassign 2-Semester Access Card and New MCAT with CD. Lecturer: Caroline Milstne Office: Physics research building Telephone: 313-577-5338 Email: Laboratory: PHY 2131 is the laboratory portion of PHY 2130. It is a co-requisite and, thus, is mandatory for you to be enrolled in both courses concurrently. However, laboratory is treated as a separate part of the course with its own grades and procedures which will be explained by your laboratory instructor. Your Laboratory Manual is to be purchased separately at the University Bookstore. For further details please inquire with Dr. Scott Payson at 313-577-3280. Lab sections of PHY 2131 will not meet during the first week. Course objective: This is a three-credit course. The main objective of this course is to give an introduction to Mechanics, Thermal physics, Waves based on algebra and trigonometry. Homework: Homework problems are designed to apply the concepts discussed in your text and during the lecture. Some selected problems assigned for homework are listed below . Although the homework assignments will not be graded, it provides you with a good opportunity of developing problem solving skills and critical thinking, which will be very helpful in solving exam problems. Quiz Sections: Quiz sections will meet once a week . Quiz sections are very important because they give you an opportunity to meet in smaller groups to ask questions, discuss homework assignments and some lecture material. You will be given short quizzes during the weeks indicated by asterisks in...
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Syllabus-2130-CM_V1-Fall - PHY 2130 GENERAL PHYSICS Fall...

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