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HW_10 - Homework Set#10 Due date by 11:00 am Problem 1...

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Homework Set #10: Due date: 12/04/06, by 11:00 am. Problem # 1: Recall the example of evaporation of component A contained in a test tube. (a) By neglecting the convective flux of component A, show that this leads to ( ) ( ) 1 1 2 2 1 A A z z cD N x z z = = A x / (b) What error (in percentage) is made in the determination of D in the example 18.2-2 in BSL if the result in (a) is used? Rock surface Z= 0, C A0 Z= δ , C A δ Solven t film Problem # 2: It is desired to alter the wettability of a formation from the initial oil wet to the water wet because the relative permeability to oil is significantly higher for more water-wet rock. One of the conventional wettability alteration techniques is to use a solvent to leach the natural carboxylic acid that has been deposited on the rock surface and caused oil wetting. In studying the rate of leaching of the carboxylic acid (called component A) from a flat rock
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