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Homework Set #9: Due date: 11/27/06, by 11:00 am. Problem # 1: unsteady state heating A two-dimensional heavy oil formation is electrically heated slowly using two vertical wells as shown in the below figure. The distance between the two heating wells is 20 m, and the temperature at the wells are maintained constant at 150 0 C. A monitoring well is used to monitor the temperature at the midplane of the formation (y = 0). The temperature history is given in the below table. Determine the thermal diffusivity of the formation using Fig. 12.1-1 in BSL.
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Unformatted text preview: +b-b Monitoring well x Heating well Heating well y t (day) T ( o C)@y=0 40 23.14814815 64.2 46.2962963 97.75 69.44444444 118.1 92.59259259 130.75 115.7407407 137.9 Problem # 2: multi-component system a. Obtain the functional relationship between the mass and the molar concentration of specie α . b. In Table 17.7-1, prove Eq (J), using Eqs. (F) and (E) c. In Table 17.7-1, prove Eq (L) using Eqs. (F), (H), and (B). Note that M is the phase density....
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