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A1 GUIDELINES Isn’t he adorable? If you don’t follow the guidelines listed below, the kitten will die. #1: Avoid making general statements about society. Example : Our whole life we judge people based on their perceived sex. As animals we are constantly looking for a mate; it makes life easier when an individual can simply look at the appearance of a person to determine that person’s sex. People also need to quickly assume an individual’s sex to determine if a situation is dangerous. #2: Never, and I mean never , begin an essay with, “since the beginning of time,” “from the beginning,”
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Unformatted text preview: “we as a society,” or “human beings…” Example : We as humans base nearly all significant decisions on past education and former experiences, and accordingly apply our cumulative history to the uncertain future. #3: Do not end clauses or sentences with any form of the “to be” verb. Example : The video captures him at great heights to show that he is fearless like a man should be. #4: Do not end clauses or sentences with a preposition. Example : The peculiarities of legal English are often used as a stick to beat the official with....
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