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A2Prompt (1) - Writing 140 Fall 2010 (PHIL 140 affiliation)...

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Writing 140 Fall 2010 (PHIL 140 affiliation) Assignment 2: Porn and Ethics Purpose In this next assignment, we will focus on invention , logical arrangement , critique , and counterargument . Premise The freedom of expression is a fundamental national ethical principle enshrined in the First Amendment to the Constitution. At the same time, however, moral sensitivity requires that we understand the objections raised by those who find certain expressions overtly harmful. As we will see, there are strong feminist perspectives against pornographic representation on the grounds of this harm. Katherine McKinnon, one of the most vocal of pornography’s opponents, goes so far as to call any pornographic representation, given the power structure and cultural history of our patriarchal society, violence against women. Controversial independent feminist Camille Paglia, on the other hand, argues on behalf of the social value of pornography as art and sees pornographic display and performance as part of the contemporary woman’s empowerment toolbox. And then
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A2Prompt (1) - Writing 140 Fall 2010 (PHIL 140 affiliation)...

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