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Writing 140 Spring 2011 (PHIL 140 affiliation) Assignment 3: “You Cannot Gaga Gaga”: Pop Culture ARIAs and the Politics of Sound and Performance Purpose In this next assignment, we will focus on invention , analysis , and revision . Premise Numerous songwriters, actors, singers, intellectuals, and drag queens have appropriated the Gaga. Lyrics, choreography, hair, makeup, costumes, her “horror and design”—everything she owns, wears, sings, or represents is up for grabs. Idina Menzel and Lea Michele sang a “Poker Face” duet on Glee , gay bars around the globe are dedicating entire drag shows to Gaga’s work, and feminists in the academy are beginning to claim Gaga as their hip and more-radical-than-thou icon. In this unit, we will take advantage of this moment in Gaga history to theorize all of this imitation and appropriation in the music and performance industries and to explore its relationship to politics concerning gender and sexuality. Indeed, we will consider the degree to which ARIAs—A
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