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Writing 140 Spring 2011 (PHIL 140 affiliation) Assignment 4: Torture and Truth Purpose In this next assignment, we will focus on invention , analysis , style , and revision . Premise *Adapted from Prof. Erin Graff-Zivin What kinds of truths are fashioned within the scene of interrogation? What realities are created and what realities destroyed? How are the historical phenomena of trials, inquisitions, interrogation and torture represented in film? Taking as its point of departure Elaine Scarry’s contention that “what masquerades as the motive for torture is a fiction,” this unit will explore the intimate yet uncomfortable rapport between torture and truth, or between pain and representation. We will explore the idea of torture as fiction, as well as the fictions (as film) that take torture as its theme, unpacking the interrelated, unavoidably narrative and performative practices of interrogation, torture and confession. Through the viewing of these films, we will analyze the construction and deconstruction of identities and discourses, taking into account philosophical and critical writings on torture and confession, power and subjectivity (Foucault, Scarry, Sontag). Viewings
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A4 (1) - Writing 140 Spring 2011(PHIL 140 affiliation...

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