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ARCH 3013 Lecture Segment 13 Masonry Takeoffs INSTRUCTORS

ARCH 3013 Lecture Segment 13 Masonry Takeoffs INSTRUCTORS -...

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ARCH 3013 ESTIMATING COURSE NOTES LECTURE SEGMENT #13 MASONRY-A REVIEW OF THE BASICS: 1 2 Masonry: Bricks, stones, concrete blocks are all referred to as masonry. Environmentally sound due to using natural materials and consuming only energy to make it. Formula for Mortar =Portland cement+ hydrated lime + inert aggregate (sand-clean and screened) + water Portland cement is key ingredient. Without it mortar is “harsh” and does not flow well on the trowel. This material also imparts smoothness and workability. Masonry cements are now used widely for making mortar. Many contain admixtures. Two color ranges: light gray and dark gray. Colors added through pigments Mortar typically makes up 20% of the wall surface area . Thus, color is important. There are four basic types of mortar : 1. Type M High strength 2. Type S Medium high-strength 3. Type N Medium strength 4. Type O Medium low-strength Portland cement cures by hydration . This is critical for how long mortar may be retained before using or discarding. Most often the longest duration is 2 ½ hours without extended life admixture Bricks are fired or burned in one of two methods 1. Periodic Kiln 2. Continuous tunnel kiln Stages of brick firing: usually takes between 40-150 hours Dehydration: drives off the remaining moisture Oxidation and Verification: Transforming into ceramic material Flashing: Fire regulated to create color Cooling: To achieve color and avoid thermal cracking Color of the brick: chemical composition of clay or shale + temperature and chemistry of kiln fire There are 12 typical sizes of brick . Most commonly used is “Modular.” Three styles of bricks : Cored Hollow Frogged Bricks are graded based upon resistance to weathering: Grade SW: Severe Weathering Grade MW: Moderate Weathering Grade NW: Negligible Weathering Brick types are based upon the uniformity of production.
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