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ARCH 4973 Section No: P004: Special Topics: Building Information Modeling                                Fall 2011 ASSIGNMENT #01 FILE NAME:  (jh_as1_4973_012711.doc change this for your file name) NAME:  (your name) EMAIL ADDRESS:  (your email address) Assignment # 1 –50 points Answer Questions 1-9 on page 24 of the BIM Handbook Chapter 1. The answers are in Chapter 1. 1.What is BIM and how does it differ from 3D modeling? 2. What are some of the signifi cant problems associated with the use of 2D CAD, and how do they waste resources and time during both the design and construction phases as compared to BIM-enabled processes? 3. Why has the construction industry not been able to overcome the impact of these problems on fi eld labor productivity, despite the many advances in construction technology? 4. What changes in the design and construction process are
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This note was uploaded on 12/14/2011 for the course ARCH 3013 taught by Professor Peck during the Spring '11 term at Texas State.

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