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ARCH 4743 Section No: P001: BIM                               FALL SEMESTER 2011 ASSIGNMENT #7 FILE NAME:  (example: jh_as7_4743_10202011.doc) NAME:  (your name) EMAIL ADDRESS:  (your email address) Assignment #7 -75 Points Description: Basic Parametric family generation Assigned: October 20, 2011 Due: November 3, 2011 Deliverables: One page using this file as template. Export your sheet view as a .jpg and place it on this sheet. Your .rfa file, turned in via dropbox. Problem (delete the Problem section and replace it with Solution) : Create a simple parametric cube family. It will be of the category generic
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Unformatted text preview: model. This is an exercise in simple family creation and file manipulation. Make 4 types within your cube family: 2’ 3’ 4’ 5’ Ensure when you change the type the dimensions change also. Load the family into a project containing your title block and arrange a sheet similar to the example below. Solution: This section contains a short write up of the challenges and how you over came them. It is a method for you to reflect, if only briefly, on what you did. This is proven to help commit the many steps you took to memory. ARCH 4743 BIM ASSIGNMENT 7 PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY 7 of 10...
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