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6z Your printed name Your Signature Physics 126 Third Exam April 4,2002 Instructions: The exam is 75 minutes long. There are 20 questions, check that you have all pages. You may use three 3" by 5" cards of notes and a calculator. No other notes or books are allowed. Make sure you correctly copy your choices to the answer sheet. Make sure you put the exam version (2) on the answer sheet. Circle your section below, and put your section number on your answer sheet. Section Time Location Instructor 004 9:00 2Z2WestHall Lu 005 10:00 222WestHall Lu 006 2:00 205 Dennison Riles 012 1:00 222WestHall Schubnell 013 12:00 222WestHall Schubnell 014 11:00 222WestHaI Lu 015 4:00 205 Dennison Riles 016 2:00 222West Hall Schubnell 017 3:00 205 Dennison Riles 018 12:00 2002Nn_B Dershem Prefixes: Mmega= 106, kkilo= 103,mmilli = 10-3, pmicro= 10-6,nnano= 10-e,ppico -r0-r2 Some physical constants: Coulomb's law constant k = 8.988 * lOe N-m2/C2 Charge on electron e = -1.602 * l0-1e C Mass of electron m" = 9.109 x 10-31 kg Mass of proton mp= I.672 * 10-27 kg Permittivity of free space eo = 8.854 * 1g-I2 C2A{-m2 Permeability of free space Vo = 4n * l0-7 T-m/A Speedof lightinvacuum c=2.998
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1' An object is placed 200 cmfrom a screen. When a converging lens is placed between the object and screen at a distance of 160 cm from the_ object, an image is formed on th" screen. Without rnoving the object or screen, an image can also be formed on the ,.rrrn when the aistance iro", ,h;;j;;iio ir,, r"n, is A) 40 cm B) 20 cm C) 8cm D) 32 cm E) 16 cm 2' This figure shows an image produced by a lens. Which statement is correct? Object Both the Object and Image are at the focal points. Each of the 5 rays of light take the same time to travel
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Physics126.Exam3.2002 - 6z Your printed name Your Signature...

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