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ME 218 : ENGINEERING COMPUTATIONAL METHODS Home Work #6 Assigned: October 14, 2011 Due: October 20, 2011 Name: __________________UT EID: ____________Unique: _________ Lab Time: (Mon/Tue) ___PM Problem 1: Least Squares Method (Linear / Quadratic) The distance required to stop an automobile consists of both thinking and braking components, each of which is a function of time. The following experimental data was collected to quantify this relationship. Develop best-fit equations for both the thinking and braking components. Assume a linear fit for the thinking component and a quadratic fit for the braking component. Use these equations to estimate the total stopping distance for a car traveling at 110km/h. Speed(km/h) 30 45 60 75 90 120 Thinking(m) 5.6 8.5 11.1 14.5 16.7 22.4 Braking(m) 5.0 12.3 21.0 32.9 47.6 84.7 Note: you can use a computer program/tool to do this, but please summarize your results manually. Problem 2: Least Squares Method (polynomial fits)
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