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ME326_HW11_23NOV2011 - ME 326-Homework Assignment#11 Due 23...

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ME 326-Homework Assignment #11 Due: 23 November Topic: Rankine; Vapor-Compression Cycles Text: Chapters 10 and 11 Problem #1: A coal-fired power plant operates on an ideal Rankine cycle. The pressure in the condenser is 50 kPa, and the pressure in the boiler is 2 MPa. The steam is heated to a temperature of 550 °C before it enters the turbine. For this power plant determine: a) the temperature of the water at the exit of the turbine (°C), b) the specific work of the pump (kJ/kg), c) the specific heat input to the boiler (kJ/kg), d) the thermal efficiency of the power plant. Problem #2: The power plant studied in problem #1 must produce 500 MW of power to supply a large urban center. Coal burned in the power plant has a heating value of 15 MJ/kg, and each kg of coal burned produces 2.93 kg of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) gas. Heat from the condenser is rejected to a nearby lake. For this power plant determine: a) the mass flow rate of water in the cycle (kg/s), b) the rate of heat rejection to the lake (MW), c) the rate that coal is burned (kg/s), d) the rate that carbon dioxide gas is emitted (kg/s).
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