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Econ171_EEP151-11_Syllabus - Economics C171/EnvEcon&Policy...

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Economics C171/EnvEcon&Policy C151, Fall 2011 International Economic Development and Policy Instructor: Alain de Janvry GSIs: Sikandra Christian and Marieke Kleemans Tu & Th, 9.30 to 11 a.m., 160 Kroeber Hall Course Syllabus Updated August 11, 2011 Information about the class, including the course outline and reading list, homework assignments, and past years’ examinations are given on the course’s homepage at the following address http://are.berkeley.edu/courses/EEP151/current/ Please see the homepage for instructions regarding policies on class rules, examinations, and grades. EconC171/EEPC151 is a four unit course with three hours of lecture and one hour of discussion per week. You need to sign up for one of the discussion sections through Tele-BEARS. You must sign up in person in one section the first time the session is held to be kept on the class list. Sign up sheets will be available in the sections. Attendance to one discussion section is mandatory. There are four sections scheduled as follows: Monday, 9-10am, 155 Barrows Monday, 1-2pm, 107 GPB Wednesday, 8-9pm, 136 Barrows Wednesday, 2-3pm, 116 Haviland Grading of assignments and exams will not be done by each GSI separately, but collectively by the instructors and the two GSIs. Adding the course If you are not in the course but wish to add it, you should consult the Economics Department for Econ 171 and ARE Department (Gail Vawter <[email protected]>) for EEP 151. Neither the instructor nor the GSIs have the authority to get you registered in the class. Readings The textbook for this class is written by the instructor and will be provided freely. Chapters assigned for reading will be posted on the course bspace before each class. Assigned readings on current issues and case studies will be accessible through the course homepage and bspace. For each class, you can be expecting to read: (1) One book chapter in full or in part. Chapters tend to be 30 pages long typewritten single-spaced, i.e., purposefully short. (2) A 1 to 3 pages clipping on current development events and issues, usually taken from The Economist, the New York Times, or the like.
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