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hw1 - Student Starts to Surpass Master India has always...

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Student Starts to Surpass Master India has always been a foreign aid recipient, yet in recent years, due to increase in economic growth, India decided to help even poorer countries. Because of that OECD countries should cut their foreign aid programs to the India, by the amount of aid being provided by India to other developing countries ($11billion/6years=1.83 billions). “The Net official development assistance and official aid received (US dollar) in India was reported at 2107660000.00 ($2.1b) in 2008, according to the World Bank.” (Trading Economics, http://www.tradingeconomics.com/india/net-official-development- assistance-and-official-aid-received-us-dollar-wb-data.html ). This money has been allocated to promote economical development and welfare. I know that this seems to be cruel to Indians, but this doesn’t make any Economical or Accounting sense, since Economies of developed world haven’t fully recovered since the Financial Meltdown. I
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