physics7B-fa07-final-Lee-exam - Physics 7B, Fall 2007,...

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Physics 7B, Fall 2007, Section 2, Instructor: Prof. Adrian Lee Final Examination, Monday December 17, 2007 Please do work on these pages. You can use the backs and extra paper is supplied. You may use three double-sided 3.5” x 5” index card of notes and a calculator. Test duration is 3 hours. Please be explicit in your derivations, show your work, and box your answers! Name __________________________ Disc. Section ____________________ SID ___________________________ #1______ (40) #2______ (20) #3______ (30) #4______ (30) #5______ (40) Total______ of 160
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1. ( Giancoli, 20.66 ) A real heat engine working between heat reservoirs at T L = 400K and T H = 850K produces W = 600J of work per cycle for a heat input of Q in = 1600J. The heat output is labeled Q out . In all subparts, please write your answer in terms of variables before putting in numbers. ( 40 pts ) a) What is the efficiency of this real engine? If the engine were a Carnot engine operating between the same two heat baths, what would the efficiency be? You can use the efficiency formula for a Carnot engine. ( 10 pts ) b) Calculate the total entropy change of the universe for each cycle of the real engine. ( 10 pts
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physics7B-fa07-final-Lee-exam - Physics 7B, Fall 2007,...

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