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Physics 78, [rcture Section 3, Fall 2010. Final Examination, @A. Zettl. Each of the 8 problerns is worth 20 points. Show all work. Three sheet of notes 8-1/2" x I ]. " (all 6 sides) allowed. Good luck. 1. A Carnot engine with 1 mole of monatomic ideal gas as the working fluid operates between a hot thermal reservior at klgwlt_temp-erature TH a1d a cold tle.qnal reservoir ai known temperature T.. The "corner" volumes V1,V2,V., and Vo are also known, and identified below. a) _ _lnqpad of plottilg the_cycle in th" usual w3y on a P-V diagram (as shown below), plot the cycle on 1n SiI diagram, -with S on the vertical axis and T on the horizonlal axis. Explicifly identify S and T at the four "corners" ofthe cycle. b) Determine the net area enclosed correspond to? by the closed S-T curve. What physical quantity does this area yr'**{ 2. The temperature-dependent specific heat of a metal can usually be expressed as C(I) = AT + BT . The units of C are Joules/(Kelvin Kilogram), and A and B are positive (temperature-independent) constants. The "A" term represents the contribution to the specific heat from free electrons in the metal, while the uBu term represents the contribution to the specific heat from thermally-induced vibrations of the atomic cores. a)
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physics7B-fa10-final-Zettl-exam - Physics 78, [rcture...

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