FIT_BUS 5450_Midterm_Exam

FIT_BUS 5450_Midterm_Exam - is 75 percent r has configured...

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e is 75 percent or has configured this test to allow students to review: stions answered incorrectly. stions answered correctly. ents answers. ect answers. ltiple Choice ID: 5156951 del of a situation where people are attracted to an organization where they think they belong, employers select those they think belong, if there is incongrue iprocality model -cognitive-psychosocial outcome model t-mediator-moderator model selection-attrition model ltiple Choice ID: 5156948 onal beliefs regarding one’s competencies and abilities is called: ontrol cy ity control ltiple Choice ID: 5156897 answer has been circled. heory of planned behavior:
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ors ors le dependent variables ltiple Choice ID: 5156919 titative research: ed to make general predictions about behaviors but say nothing about an individual’s behavior. de a detailed understanding of a person’s behavior, but cannot be generalized to larger populations. o use for comparative studies. atible with qualitative research. ltiple Choice ID: 5156950 nitive process by which a person selects, organizes and gives meaning to his or her environment is called: ect dissonance paradigm ltiple Choice ID: 5156907 answer has been circled. mployee’s performance depends on:
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This note was uploaded on 12/14/2011 for the course BUS 5450 taught by Professor Dr.mckibbin during the Fall '10 term at FIT.

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FIT_BUS 5450_Midterm_Exam - is 75 percent r has configured...

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