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FIT_BUS 5662_Quiz 1

FIT_BUS 5662_Quiz 1 - BUS5662 Project Tools and Techniques...

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BUS5662 - Project Tools and Techniques Term: Spring 1 2011 | Student Access: 1.10.2011 12:00 AM EST - 3.6.2011 11:59 PM EST | Section: 1 Test Review - Your test grade is 88 percent The professor has configured this test to allow students to review: Questions answered incorrectly. Questions answered correctly. Students answers. Correct answers. Question 1 - Multiple ChoiceID: 5418961 - Correct Question: You are considering three projects. From the data available, the Internal Rate of Return on the three projects are Project A = 15%, Project B = 17%, and Project C = Current prime rate plus the company’s discount rate. If the current prime rate is 3%, and the company’s discount rate is 8% using Internal Rate of Return as the only criterion, what project should you select? Project A Project B Project C None of the projects Question 2 - Multiple ChoiceID: 5418949 - Correct Question: Postmortem Review is a project management tool box used in what phase of the standardized project management (SPM) process? Planning and Specs Design and Development Product Release Testing and Evaluation
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Question 3 - Multiple ChoiceID: 5419003 - Correct Question: Which of the following is not one of the five processes in the project management process Initiation process Planning process Executing process Auditing process Question 4 - True/FalseID: 5418976 - Correct Question: Because the principles behind the Scoring Models are relatively simple, developing an effective Scoring Model is not a time-consuming endeavor
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