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Exam 3 Solutions WW 1. In the equation sinO = l,/w for single-slit diffraction, "0" is: A) the ansle to the first minimum B) the angle to the second maximum C) the phase angle between the extreme rays D) Nn where N is an integer E) (N + ll?)n where N is an integer "0" is the angle to the first minimum for single slit diffraction. 72Vo correct 2.Two stars that are close together are photographed through a telescope. The black and white film is equally sensitive to all colors. Which situation would result in the most clearly separated images of the stars? A) small lens, red stars B) small lens, blue stars C) large D) larse lens. blue stars E) large lens, one star red and the other blue The resolving power increases as the diameter and as the wavelength decreases. Blue is the shortest wavelength. 39Vo 3. 600-nm light is incident on a grating with a ruling separation of 1.7x10-0n'. The first order line occurs at a diffraction angle of: A)0 B) 10' c) 2L' D) 42' E) 45" sinO m),/d. This is the equation for a diffraction grating, 95Vo conect. 4. A beam of white light (from 400 nm for violet to 700 nm for red) is normally incident on a diffraction grating. It produces two orders on a distant screen. Which diagram below (R = red, V violet) correctly shows the pattern on the screen? Page 1 "t, ffi http: / lhep I physics I 26_w99/exam3 sol.htm ir,rr,roo,
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Exam 3 Solutions Page2", (q $/hieFVFV I l--l FEV V V VFF il [Tl--l | [Tn F VF V V FV H ill VVR B F RVV rv [rn I r-rl-l RVFV v l-l A) I. B) rr. C)III. D) rv. E) V. Red is diffracted the most, and since the wavelength of red is less than twice of violet, the spectra do not overlap. 637o conect. 5. As we watch, a spaceship passes us in time At. The crew of the spaceship measures the passage time and finds it to be At'. Which of the following
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Physics126.Exam 3.2000b - Exam 3 Solutions Page 1"t ffi 1...

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