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Check Point: Modern challenges in immigration. Everyone in Central and South America hear that the US is the best place to live; the US has better education and employment. Every immigrant that is here always goes back to their country and shows them a lot of money and pictures of their huge house and cars that they have. Of course, when we see that in our country, we wonder how well our life could really be if we were in the United States. When we are here, we found out that there is not an American dream for the illegals. We found that the house was bought one hundred percent, they owe on their car, and work up to twenty hours a day. Not only, had we found out that here we do not have insurance, friends or any place to go. We believe that the United States government policy should favor all immigrants. Anyone should be allowed to immigrate for humanitarian reason, but
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Unformatted text preview: beyond that there should be a system of some sort to attract immigrants that have something to offer the country. Citizenship preference should be considered to what is in the best interest of the country. If we look at the neediest, which is billions of impoverished people, should we consider? Taking in a few million that are suffering will not help anything; it will only serve to lower this countries standard of living. The most talented might be the best as long as they are talented in ways that will benefit this country. From what I can see is that certain countries are being given priority already. Skilled workers from other countries are given higher priority than unskilled workers. It helps keep the United States competitive with the rest of the world...
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