Physics 106 Course Outline2

Physics 106 Course Outline2 - Quizzes After each homework...

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Quizzes After each homework assignment has been completed, you will take an online quiz. Quizzes are due each Friday at 11:55 p.m. The quizzes will be given on Blackboard. Their purpose is to help you solidify the concepts you have learned and to help me to assess how well you have learned the lesson material. Each quiz consists of a combination of multiple-choice questions and problems. Therefore, to do well on the quizzes, you will need to understand concepts as well as work problems. A practice quiz, not given for credit, is also available weekly. Please carefully note the following rules for the quiz: o You may use any written materials from this course (notes, books, web pages, etc.) while you are taking the quiz. o You may not use any web pages, books, notes, etc., that are not from this course! o You may not discuss quiz questions with anyone else (particularly TAs in the Tutorial Lab) except Dr. Rees before or after you have taken the quiz. Exams There will be two midterm exams and a final exam. The tests will all be administered in the testing center. The questions will all be multiple choice questions and will closely resemble the quiz questions. The dates for these exams are listed on the course schedule. The following rules apply to the exams: o No books (except foreign language dictionaries) notes, or equation sheets will be allowed. Calculators are permitted, but you are not permitted to use information stored in your calculator. o There are no time limits. o The midterm exams end at 4:00 p.m. ! Please note this carefully ! o The final exam will consist of two parts, one section that covers the last unit (Chapters 26 – 30) and one part that covers the first two units. The second section will consist completely of questions from the practice quizzes, quizzes, and exams from the first two units. Evaluating Your Work In educational terminology, there are two types of evaluations: formative and summative. Formative evaluations are those that help produce desired outcomes while summative evaluations are those which assess how well the outcomes have been realized. In simpler terms, formative evaluations help you improve and summative evaluations show how
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Physics 106 Course Outline2 - Quizzes After each homework...

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