Physics 106 Homework6

Physics 106 Homework6 - Physics 106 Homework #6 Submitting...

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Physics 106 Homework #6 Submitting Answers Remember to be careful about units. Implicit multiplication is not understood. Type 3*x, not 3x Defined Constants The following constants can be used by name throughout this assignment: ke = 8.99×10 9 Nm 2 /C 2 qe = 1.6×10 –19 C mp = 1.67×10 –27 kg me = 9.11×10 –31 kg eps0 = 8.85×10 –12 C 2 /(Nm 2 ) g = 9.80 m/s 2 mu0 = 1.26×10 –6 Tm/A . Problem 6.1 Purpose: This is to help you understand the idea of flux. Remember that flux is equivalent to counting the number of field lines. Problem with data for try #1 : A square loop 2.00 m on a side is placed in a magnetic field of magnitude 0.300 T. If the field makes an angle of θ = 40.9° with the normal to the plane of the loop, find the magnetic flux through the loop. Additional input values θ (°): 43.3, 50.6 Defined symbols: d length of the side of the loop in m theta angle in degrees B magnitude of magnetic field in T The answer is Phi , the magnetic flux in Tm 2 Hints: Remember that the flux is proportional to the number of field lines passing through the loop. This should help you remember what angle to use. Range of answers: 0.580 Tm 2 to 0.921 Tm 2 . Problem 6.2 Purpose: This is one application of Faraday's Law where B is constant but the area changes. Problem with data for try #1 : A square, single-turn coil 0.200 m on a side is
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placed with its plane perpendicular to a constant magnetic field. An emf of 13.4 mV is induced in the coil winding when the area of the coil decreases at the rate of 0.100 m 2 /s. What is the magnitude of the magnetic field? Additional input values emf (mV): 15.2, 14.7 Defined symbols: l coil length in m emf emf in mV dAdt rate of decrease in m 2 /s The answer is B , magnetic field in T Hints: Since we want the magnitude of the field, enter a positive answer Range of answers: 0.120 T to 0.240 T
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Physics 106 Homework6 - Physics 106 Homework #6 Submitting...

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