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Submitting Answers Numerical answers may be given in standard or scientific notation: -1.57 3.853e-23 Do not put commas in numbers. Use 23456 not 23,456 . You may refer to the constants and fixed variables in any problem by name: Pi and pi are always 3.14159265. .. 3*e0 Operations Arithmetic operations are * / + - Implicit multiplication is not recognized. Use 3*a , not 3a . Use g*(H+h) , not g(H+h) . Powers use ^, as x^2 is x 2 Order of operation: ^ precedes * or / which in turn precedes + or
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Unformatted text preview: -. x^2/3 and x^(2/3) are different. Use parentheses liberally to avoid ambiguity and errors. Functions Square root: either sqrt(x) or x^(1/2) are OK. e x is exp(x) ln( x ) is log(x) or ln(x) log 10 ( x ) is log10(x) Trigonometric Functions Note that angles are always given in radians! sin( x ) is sin(x) , etc. sin-1 ( x ) is asin(x) , etc. tan-1 ( y/x ) can also be written as atan2(x,y) , etc. This form is superior when there can be a question of quadrants....
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