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Ethan Chen CM350 Nov. 22, 2011 Three Cups of Tee Today, due to advances in technology, human civilization has progressed to a new era. It seems that we as human beings are capable of getting whatever we want. Unfortunately, people become busy pursuing things that are not necessary. Our lives are occupied by all the tasks and work that have to be done to fulfill our unlimited desires. Though living a decent life, we want bigger houses, nicer cars and a higher quality of life. In fact, nothing can really quench our satisfaction any more. While many were giving up their dignity, falling into a never ending cycle of pursuing pointless wealth, Greg Mortenson chose a different path. It was a more significant path, yet full of uncertainties and obstacles. His action is truly a concrete magnification of mankind’s potential to sacrifice selflessly. Through reading the book, “Three Cups of Tee,” we can clearly discern how a person can change his own life and thousands of others’ lives. We might be wearied, struggling with daily trivial matters, however as we open our eyes, we come to the realization that the world is actually not merely about ourselves. Mortenson undeniably is an inspirational figure in showing how a person can triumph in his own personal K2 and make a great difference in this uneasy world. The book helps us see how a person is prepared for his future accomplishments, why different cultures collide, and what people should do to break through ethnic barriers. Often, people don’t recognize their potential. Therefore, they limit themselves and continue their routine. We forget that our existence is not only about living. Existence is also about explosion, progression, and evolution. Live is an adventure toward perfection. Many great people were once ordinary beings. Nevertheless, they learned to follow the guidance of their hearts and the inspirations they receive from experiences. Each of us has the potential to make great contributions to the world, but only if we are submissive and follow what life provides for
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us. Fate prepared Mortenson since he was young. The experience in Africa with his parents played an essential role in his future achievement. He looked to his father as his inspiration.
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