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9.3 First Article Testing and Approval This is the documentation that the contracting officer provides to the contractor. The written notification is to show approval and acceptance to certain test results of the first article. Prior to the testing and approval procedure, there are three things that the contracting officer has to put into consideration: 1) The effect of delivery (including the cost and the time) 2) The risk the government might take foregoing the test 3) The possibility and availability of implementing substitute methods by which the overall cost can be reduced while providing the same quality desired. Although this documentation is not mandatorily required at all time, the testing and approval
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Unformatted text preview: may be appropriate under following circumstances: 1) The contractor has never furnished the product to the government before 2) The processes or specifications of a product experience significant changes 3) Prolonged discontinuation of the production 4) Problems occur during the usage of a product 5) The product is described by a performance specification 6) An approved first article is required to function as a manufacturing standard. First article testing and approval certifies that the contactor is approved to furnish a product that meets every contract requirements, so the extra cost can be eliminated and safety can be established....
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