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We learned these two sentences patterns. Where are you from? Ni3 tsung2 na3li lai2? You from where come? I come from (country). Wo3 tsung2 _________ lai2. I from (country) come. Where are you going? Ni3 dau4 na3li3 chyu4? You to where go? I am going to the university. Wo3 dau4 da4 sywe2 chyu4. I to university (great study) go. I am a Brigham Young University student.
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Unformatted text preview: Wo3 shr4 Yang2 Bai3 Han4 da4 sywe2 de sywe2 sheng1. And you Ni3 ne? Are you a university student? Ni3 shr da4 sywe2 sywe2 sheng1 ma? We make 1 st , 2 nd , and 3 rd person speech plural by adding men2 ( Wo3 men2, Ni3 men2, & Ta1 men2) Heavenly Father Tyan1 Fu4 Jesus Christ is our Savior Ye1 Su1 Ji1 Du1 shr4 wo3 men2 de Jyou4 Ju3....
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