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Chen, Yi Ting Dr. Michael G. Marler English 201 25 Nov. 2009 The Impact of Computers on Human Beings The life style people have in this modern generation is totally different from a century ago. Many people believe that the main cause of the change is probably the advance of technology nowadays. When it comes to technology, the item that people might first think of is almost always the computer. As we look at a day in the life of a normal person, we can see how much computers are a part of human life. Computers play a vital role in human society that without the assistance of them, our world would not be as convenient as it is today. According to Roger Munns, since 1942, when the first electronic computer was created at Iowa State University, computers have become a fundamental part of human existence. People spend a majority of their time on computers in different aspects of their lives. Eric G. Swedin, an assistant professor in Information Systems at Weber State University says, “Computers are the great technological and scientific innovation of the last half of the twentieth century. The computer has changed how we work, how we organize and store information, how we communicate with each other, and even the way the we think about the universe and the human mind”(x.). Since computers are so essential to mankind, especially in this era, in order to use them properly, we have to better understand the impact of computers in human lives. A famous computer scientist, Nicholas Negroponte, who is also known as the founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology asserts, “Computing is not about computers any more. It is about living.” These small magic boxes are everywhere and the influence of them in human civilization is also incredibly significant. People’s daily activities, social lives, and health conditions are greatly impacted by the utilization of computers in today’s society.
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Making people’s daily activities more convenient might be the most positive and obvious impact of computers on human beings. For example, people used to wait for several months to get letters from their families, or do their homework by primary materials such as pens and papers; nevertheless, the way people live has changed dramatically now. The article “The Impact of Computers” indicates that computers are widely used in a variety of areas that almost everything we use such as cars, clothing, and food is made, designed or run by computers. Businesses use computers to keep track of accounts, and money; students use computers to choose their classes and do researches for their papers; and most of jobs require the computer skills. In addition, people can use computers to communicate with others or buy almost everything they want on line easily without even leave their houses. Blaise W. Liffick, the professor of Millersville University, claims, “It is perhaps stating the obvious that computers appear to be everywhere today. Even when we don’t encounter them directly in their various
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201 final paper - Chen, Yi Ting Dr. Michael G. Marler...

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