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Name: _Ethan Chen___________________________ CM350 Fall Semester Final Exam - Page 2 Key in your answers to each question. 39. In the book, Three Cups of Tea, by Greg Mortenson and David Relin, what do they see as the “enemy” to the people? Because the technology mankind has, all the countries around the globe are connected. It is actually impossible to separate oneself from the world. It becomes crucial to develop an understanding toward people who are different from us. It is all about perspectives. For Mortenson, he considered people in Pakistan or even other third world countries regular, innocent and humble people. He thought they are the true victims of wars. In fact, the real enemy for those who live in highly developed countries is the pride and blindness they have in their minds. 40. Which lesson, from the aforementioned volumes, do you think was the most meaningful to Greg Mortenson? The most precious lesson Mortenson learned was the real equality between people. It is easy to recognize the importance of treating everyone equally. However, Mortenson came to the realization that people are neither better nor worse comparing with each other. We can always learn something from others, no matter what their living conditions are. The world is like a big biological chain, each member depends upon others. It is impossible to live alone oneself. By
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