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Instruction for - Instruction for 1 How to sum up all...

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Instruction for: 1) How to sum up all numbers by a more effective way by excel 2) How to calculate all the commission by the commission rate Objective : by learning these methods, instead of spending a great amount of your precious time trying to figure out all the numbers one by one, you will be able to calculate the result you want in 5 minutes. FYI : the main screen where the sheet is displayed is the Spreadsheet Screen. On the top is the Ribbon. On the left, there are the Row Indicator labeled by numbers, and on the top of the Spreadsheet Screen is the column Indicator labeled by English letters. Formula Bar is where you type in your formulas. It locates just above the Column Indicator. Function Tabs is above the Ribbon (Figure 1.1). In addition, in excel, we call each square area a “cell”, and we indicate the location of each cell by using the Row and Column indicators. For example, the cell B2 means we are looking for the cell in the column B and the Row 2 (figure 1.2).
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