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University of Delaware Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ELEG620: Solar Electric Systems Homework #1 Solar Radiation 1. A light source consists of monochromatic light with energy of 600 nm with a spectral irradiance of 1 x 10 17 photons/cm²/sec. What is the power density of this light source? Is the light source visible to the human eye? 2. Diffuse radiation has a higher fraction of high energy radiation than direct radiation. Explain why this is so. 3. Assuming that the sun has a black-body spectrum with the temperature at 6000K, what is the power density reaching the atmosphere of the Earth? At what wavelength is the peak in the spectrum? 4. For a location at 25° N latitude, estimate the solar radiation at solar noon on a sunny day by calculating the Air Mass. 5. Calculate the elevation and azimuth angle at solar noon for on Jan 1, March 21 st and August 1st for your hometown. You may use as a default Belle Fourche, SD (the approximate geographic center of the US, with latitude of 44° 58' N, 103 ° 46' W) if
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