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University of Delaware Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ELEG620: Solar Electric Systems Homework #4 Solar Modules 1. Consider two solar cells, the first has an open circuit voltage of 0.55 V and a short- circuit current of 1.3 A, the second has 0.60 V and 1.0 A for these parameters respectively. Assuming that both cells obey the ideal diode law, and both have an ideality factor of 1, calculate the open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current of the combination of the cells when they are connected in: a) parallel b) series 2. Consider a solar cell module containing 40 identical solar cells, with each giving an open-circuit voltage of 0.60 V and short-circuit current of 3 A under bright sunshine. The module is now short-circuited whilst under bright sunshine and one of the solar cells is partially shaded. Find the power dissipated in the shaded solar cell as a function of the fractional shading of this cell. You may assume the cells obey the ideal diode law and you may neglect temperature effects. 3.
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