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University of Delaware Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ELEG620: Solar Electric Systems Photovoltaic Systems Design Project The goal of this project is to specify, design, implement and test a simple, stand-alone photovoltaic system. Working in groups, you will: Decide on a load and design goal for your system Write a system design program and optimize your particular design for a selected location and then for Delaware Implement, trouble shoot and test the PV system System Specification The first step in the design of your system is to determine the type and size of the system. You are given substantial latitude in choosing the load to be powered, the location of the load, the design goals of the system, but you must be able to justify the system. The load should be one which can be implemented, or at least useful information obtained as an approximation to your design load, using 200W of solar panels. Existing loads which we have at the moment include a water pump, refrigerator, and fluorescent lighting. Before starting on the design, come up with a set of design goals. These include addressing trade-offs such as the reliability required, the availability etc. You should then do a rough calculation to see if these criteria seem feasible. For example, if your design comes out to a 5kW system for a light bulb for a residence because you have specified 99.99% availability and reliability, a re-think of your design criteria would seem to be in order. Design of the Photovoltaic System The design of the photovoltaic system involves writing a program which: (1) calculates the power produced by the photovoltaic module based on incident solar radiation (from TMY data) as a function of the module tilt and azimuth angle; (2) determine how much energy reaches the battery and load and analyzes the energy flows in your system; and (3)
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Project - University of Delaware Department of Electrical...

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