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brand relationship depth interview

brand relationship depth interview - Tatiana Nemirovsky...

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Tatiana Nemirovsky BMGT451, Section 0301 Brand Relationship Depth Interview a. I interviewed my roommate, Kim Glaser. The brand that she claims to be loyal to is Victorias Secret. I agree with her assessment that she is loyal to this brand for a few reasons. Kim consistently purchases all of her bras and underwear exclusively from Victorias Secret. She has developed a strong liking to the brand and feels that the quality and price of their products are better than any other brand within the product category. When Kim decides she needs new bras or underwear, her decision making process is nominal. She has high product involvement but low purchase involvement, because she is loyal to Victorias Secret. She does not own any items within this product category that are not Victorias Secret brand. Overall, I think the combination of all these factors clearly reflects brand loyalty to Victorias Secret. b. Overall, Kim is definitely an extroverted person. She is very outgoing and energetic, and loves to be around people. She is very social and is often the center of attention in group settings. In the interview, Kim explained to me her involvement in her sorority and her job working with mentally ill people, which led me to conclude that she is very extroverted and social. I would also classify Kim as an agreeable person. She is very friendly and compassionate, and values her friendships with others. She is helpful and generous, and can be sympathetic. I can conclude this from experience living with Kim, she is very respectful and considerate and always there to lend a helping hand. In terms of conscientiousness, I would classify Kim on the lower end of the extreme. She is very easy- going and often carefree. Kim sometimes leaves her belongings lying around and her room is often a mess. She can procrastinate a lot when it comes to completing assignments, but she always gets them done. Kim explained to me that while she tries to be tidy, it is very difficult for her with her hectic schedule and personality. She also revealed that she
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procrastinates because she works better under pressure. I believe that Kim would rank high
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