Store Location Analysis

Store Location Analysis - ROBERT H SMITH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS...

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ROBERT H. SMITH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND BMGT353: Retail Management Professor Jie Zhang Fall Semester, 2011 Field Study Assignment #1: Store Location Analysis General Instructions : 1. This assignment is meant to enhance your learning through observing and analyzing real- world practices. You are encouraged to work with your group for this assignment. But in case of logistic difficulty, your group can also designate the work to some team members. Each group needs to turn in only one report for this assignment . There are three field study assignments for the course. You are free to allocate the workload within the group. The report will not be graded, but I will give feedback on the quality of your work. Every group member will get credit as long as your group turns in a report. 2. The report should be typed up with double-space, 12 point font, and normal margins, with the exception of graphs and diagrams (if any) which can be hand-drawn. There is no page limit on the assignment report, but the general expectation is 3-6 pages. The report should follow an essay format, with headings and sub-headings (if needed) to separate the different questions/components . 3.
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Store Location Analysis - ROBERT H SMITH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS...

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