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Tatiana Nemirovsky Liza Levin Post Cereal Case Write-Up For our observational study, we chose to go to Shoppers supermarket at around 11:30am on a Sunday morning. We chose this time because Sunday mornings are usually a very busy time for grocery stores. We made the decision to do our observation when we knew the store would be busy because we felt that we would get the most variation and the most consumers to observe. Shopper’s supermarket is also very close to the University of Maryland campus, so we decided to go there based on convenience and the knowledge that we would definitely find students shopping there. I definitely think that our choice in time and place would affect what we would observe. Based on the time of day, there are varying numbers of people in the store and demographics. For example, you most likely would not find a parent shopping for groceries at 3pm on a weekday because most likely they are working. However, you are likely to find many parents and children on a Sunday morning because most likely neither has work/school. If you choose the wrong time or location, you may end up not getting the results you expected, or any results at all. While observing customers browse the cereal aisle, we noticed many trends that appeared
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post cereal writeup - Tatiana Nemirovsky Liza Levin Post...

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